How Would You Like To Benefit From a Paste For Your Health

Image Source: Faulk Farmstead

How would you like to benefit from a paste that does the  the following?

1. It’s an antioxidant

2. anti-inflammatory properties

3. Helps aid in digestive processes

4. anti-parasitic properties

5. anti-bacterial properties

6. Cancer prevention properties

7. blood purifying properties

8. Helps heal and clear the skin

9. Aids Memory and brain function

10. Helps Treat Diabetes

11. Helps Improve Positive Mood

Interested? Its an ancient recipe that does wonders, especially in the winter months!


Turmeric paste is a form of turmeric (paired with other plants) that creates a bio-available paste that will be better absorbed into your body. This paste does a few things. Beyond making the paste more easy for your body to assimilate by enhancing the absorption you also get the effects of turmeric longer because the fats in coconut oil slow absorption of it into your body.
You basically get turmeric 2.0 with this paste

Add to morning tea, add in cardamom, clove, cinnamon, honey to add to taste.