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At “SPIN Pakistan” we provide the following services:

  • Corporate Event Management including Registration services etc.
  • MC and Stage Management
  • Press conferences and Media get together 
  • Product tech reviews including latest technical gadgets, Mobile Phones etc.
  • Content Writing including PR’s, Articles and Interviews
  • Bloggers Meet Ups 
  • Branding 

Spin.com.pk is Pakistan’s emerging Media News publishing site that publishes tech news, gadgets, lifestyle, special reports, carousel news, and exclusive fashion stories of local and international industries in general. At Spin.com.pk we believe that the thirst to get well informed can never be fulfilled except by spinning the globe of revolutionary technology and lifestyle. We provide you with latest updates and featured coverage of all relevant events, startups, and brands.

Spin.com.pk aims to deliver the facts through magnificently written articles wrote by our spectacular team members. We have experts to write for each news category and they know exactly how to spin the coin just the right choice for you. We are more focused towards the quality of our content that readers are certainly enjoying.

Moreover, we are focusing on our digital presence and through our video portal, we have been delivering reviews of smartphones, gadgets and special video reports to our loveable viewers. We have a strong presence at Social Media as well and you may follow us at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/spin.com.pk/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/spin.com.pk/

Twitter: twitter.com/spin_pk

Youtube: www.youtube.com > Search > Spin Pakistan

So Let’s Spin it and see what is meant forward to our revolving relation with you being a trustworthy visitor. Don’t hesitate if you want to say anything to us, just reach us at;  spin.com.pk@gmail.com

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