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Chenone Trousers for women Review

ChenOne is a name synonymous for elegance, contemporary designs and export quality products. Women enjoy shopping at the multipurpose lifestyle store not only for their home decor and linen needs but also for the latest fashion apparel for themselves. The clothing offered by ChenOne Store includes spring, summer and winter wear in casual and formal dresses along with high street designer trousers. 

Having a good pair of denim jeans can save women from spending thousands of rupees on buying individual matching lowers for their tops and kameez shirts. A classic blue pair of jeans can match perfectly with casual everyday attire and can be dressed up to transform easily into party wear. 

The denim designs available at ChenOne includes an alternative colour shade of grey that is a subtle and neutral colour to wear in summer and winter. Durable and affordable, these jeans will feel form-fitting and mid-rise making them easy to match with crop tops, blouses and short Kurtis.

For the winters, there are Herringbone fabric trousers which are closer to the popularly known twill or tweed’s V-shaped weaving pattern. This mid-season cosy woollen fabric is commonly used in full 3-piece suits and outerwear pants. 

They have a professional look as they drape around the legs in a structured form in a straight trouser shape. These pants look chic and elegant paired with a crisp white satin blouse or cropped jackets in the springtime. With the high low design, they have a shorter hemline in the front and a lower hemline at the back, making them look highly stylised and fashionable. 

For ladies that prefer to be comfortable and relaxed in the clothes, they wear at home or running daily errands can buy the Pull-On trousers by ChenOne. Available in a black, neutral and pinstripes on white base colour available in extra-small, small and medium sizes. These are great with a casual t-shirt or comfortable jumper. Considered to be loungewear that can be interchangeably worn as casual trousers with Kurtis and smart casual stops. They have neat and strong stitching that makes them durable as everyday trousers made from a mix blend of cotton and polyester.  

Ladies who buy single shirts and 2-piece suits to wear at home or to work every day will benefit from the neutral brown colour of the ChenOne leggings that are easy to wash and maintain. They are available in extra-small, small and medium sizes in a straight leg design. The elastic band on the waist makes it easy to wear and the stretchy material has enough give to be worn extensively throughout the day. 

Trousers are an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe as it is an all year round item of clothing. The budget-friendly prices by ChenOne make it easy for women from various socio-economic backgrounds to benefit from high-quality multi-purpose trousers. Regardless of the tops are eastern or western, having the perfectly fitting trousers is essential in making clothes look great. ChenOne regularly updates their trousers offering women the latest trends to keep updating their closet throughout the year.