La Bonita Collection is Now On Sale at ShireenLakdawala

Come summer, and we all need to revamp our wardrobes with the latest styles in pret and customized clothing. Be it for casual outings, office, or campus, we need new clothes that flatter our personality and make us feel comfortable in the warm months. The fashion space is abuzz with designers like Shireenlakdawalalaunching their summer collections left, right, and center. Suddenly, store shelves are awash in the latest Pakistani designer dresses in hues of pinks, yellows, blues, and of course whites. 

What makes Shireenlakdawala stand out?

In all this razzmatazz, the La Bonita collection from the house of Shireenlakdawala truly stands out. With a design philosophy that celebrates eastern style, the La Bonita collection is a blend of ethereal and classic sensibilities. What makes this Pakistani designer dresses collection stand out is that it is not your run of the mill collection where all the pieces look the same with only minor changes in the cuts and changes of color. Each item in this collection has a unique look and a different story to tell. You will look and feel like a different person when you wear each of the 25 crafted designs in this Shireenlakdawalacollection. 

A lesson in subtlety 

Shades of pink, blue, and red dominate this Shireenlakdawala collection but do not look repetitive at all. The purpose of this color palette seems to be that the Pakistan formal dresses brand wants to cater to the need for its clientele to make a statement about their fashion style without going over the top. The pink salmon 3-piece available on her Pakistani design storeis the closest to the traditional summer 3-piece suit but with some interesting twists made to the design of the sleeves and the length of the bottom. Contrast this with the Noa Bloc that features an asymmetrical pink top with large bell-sleeves and an ankle-length trouser. This should give you some sense of the contrasts that this Pakistani designer dressescollection plays with while focusing on just a few colors. Truly, this is an impressive summer collection to watch. 

Variety of silhouettes

What truly catches the eye is the variation in cuts that this amazing Pakistan formal dresses collection boasts. Case in point is the Peri Peri item offered on the Pakistani design store, which is a 2-piece shirt and trouser combo. The shirt features a wide boat-neck collar with full-length sleeves and a wide embroidered hem. There are some sequins work near the collar and a lot of embroidery on the hem. The bottom, on the other hand, is a printed fabric that is made with a lantern-shaped cuff that adds volume to the body, creating a very interesting silhouette for the summer season. The dupatta features sequins work, making it amply clear that you need a lot of personalities to pull off Pakistan formal dressesin style. It is an ideal piece of evening wear for those lawn parties that everyone looks forward to. 

Shireenlakdawala pulls off a coup with her La Bonita collection available at her Pakistani design store that truly defines luxury wear in the Pakistani fashion segment. It is an interesting collection that reflects the current mood of the market and embodies all the design elements that appeal to its market, both nationally and internationally.