Say No To Bullying and Abusing By Armeena Khan

Source: Armeena Khan's Official Page

Pakistan’s film actress Armeena Khan took a strong stance against bullying and abuse on social media against herself and others. In her recent posts on instagram, she told her audience that she will not allow anyone to question her religion or morals.

She has raised a couple of questions in her post that said,

“Why is it that the Pakistani female actresses are subjected to this poison?”

“Secondly I also note that a lot of these are by females. Why is that? Why is it that Pakistani females wish to attack Pakistani actresses in such a vicious manner.”

“Thirdly, please help me understand how can this internet ‘terrorism’ be tackled?”

ArmeenaShe reminded her followers that she was ready for criticism but not abuse. She further added that she would not allow anyone question her religion, moral values or freedom to choose.

Further down she also reminds her followers “the same people who criticize Pakistani actresses would go after international celebrities, as if they were from another planet, why the hypocrisy?”

In the conclusion she said that she would fight for the right and asked people to thinking before clicking ‘send’.

She has also asked women to stop using demeaning words against each other, as only then men would give respect to women too. Never stay silent towards injustice.

The post was highly appreciated and started of a debate regarding harassment and bullying.

Armeena Khan has recently acted in Yalghar, a Pakistani film that has been a hit in the box office.

Source: The Nation and Armeena’s Instagram profile.

Editor’s note: There is a right of speech to everyone but that right must not be used in bullying and abusing anyone. If we can’t appreciate anyone’s positivity then we don’t have a right to point someone’s personal life. It is a basic right of everyone to live according to their own morals and believes. The above incident is very common nowadays just because lack of literacy and sick mentality of people.