Share your Valentine’s Day with OPPO

It’s February and as ever love is in the air, Love for OPPO that is. Don’t believe us? Then just take a look at some of the cute little love notes that people are sharing for OPPO’s Valentine’s Day campaign.

The campaign has been a great success with hundreds of people sharing some of their favorite memories connecting them to OPPO. From saccharine sweet memories of wedding day gifts to the exultation of a graduation day present all the way through to that amazing feeling of getting your hands on your first phone ever, people shared all kinds of lovely little memories and more.


And it wasn’t just stories, there were even those OPPO fans that got maybe a little carried away in the romantic feels of Valentine’s Day and tried their hands at poetry! That’s right mixed in the notes were poems extolling the virtues, and there are indeed many virtues, of OPPO smartphones. Many were fans praising the wide array of color options, the sleek, sexy designs, and of course as is to be expected the exceptional cameras that OPPO is renowned for.
Many were the notes describing how some special moment, an engagement, a birthday or even just a scenic view was captured in perfect color and with great accuracy by an OPPO phone’s camera. Few notes talked about how either the speed of the VOOC Flash Charging or the superb battery life had saved them unnecessary hassles in various situations in their lives.

With all these little sneak peeks into the lives of OPPO users, it’s easy to see how much of a positive impact OPPO has made on their lives. So, why not join the masses of OPPO lovers? Go out there and make Valentine’s Day a little more special with the gift of OPPO!