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#TECNOPhotoWalk successfully covers the historic city of Lahore with its fans

Promoting your brand and products through physical campaigns is always a great strategy. This direct interaction helps connect the brand with its customers more closely. For businesses, it is essential to bring campaigns to keep the customers engaged during the gap time between launches. The Chinese smartphone brand, TECNO has created a buzz on social media with its #TECNOPhotoWalk, building a unique connection with its fans and customers across the nation.

TECNO started its Photowalk covering major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad and Karachi with its Camon 16 Photography King phone. It recently covered the city of Gardens, Lahore. The first destination was Fakir Khana Museum, situated in the old city. Fakir Khana Museum is a private museum that contains over 20,000 objects and is the largest privately-owned museum in South Asia. It was a great pick by team TECNO to take fans to us an inspiring venue. The place depicts the culture and art of the region. The participants took pictures using Camon 16 phones.

The second venue TECNO took its participants was the Botanical Garden Lahore. This is an amazing spot for photography especially the butterfly house is a very famous visiting point here. TECNO took us all through the natural beauties and a refreshing photography experience. The Photowalk ended with a generous lunch for the participants. After the tiring day, a lavish lunch was arranged by TECNO at the very famous Haveli restaurant in the Walled City. Everyone is aware of how famous this place is for its magnificent views of the Badshahi Mosque.

The Photowalk ended with delighted participants and euphoric photographers. TECNO should be well praised here for conducting this well-organized event. Apart from this, the participants with the best-captured images from all three events, Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, will be rewarded with a special gift from TECNO. We hope TECNO keeps bringing such events for its fans in the future too.